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TSD rally in Eastern PA 2/24/01

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Subject: TSD rally in Eastern PA 2/24/01
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 11:01:08 EST
Sports Car Club of America
Philadelphia Region RoadRally Series

Presents:  Rally in the Dark

Saturday Evening, February 24, 2001

Start at New Hope/Solebury High School
Route 179, New Hope, PA

Co-Rallymasters: Steve Rosenberg and Allen Hefner

Cost:  SCCA and BMC Members $15.00 per car, all others $20.00 per car. 

Registration starts at 4:30 p.m. in the lot in front of New Hope/Solebury 
H.S. - Sun sets at 5:48 p.m. - First car off at 6:01 p.m. - Awards at the 

A Time-Speed-Distance rally of approximately 60 miles of FUN, hilly, twisty, 
paved or recently graveled roads through Bucks County, PA.  The rally will be 
held in ANY weather, except blizzard conditions.

This RoadRally is designed for first-time rallyists.  It will include easy 
route-following instructions and basic TSD scoring with open checkpoints.  
There are NO TRAPS on this rally, but darkness will make it challenging.

Two people to a car, a driver and a navigator.  Cars must be street legal and 
have current state inspection.  A large flashlight or auxiliary driving 
lights are recommended but not required.  (Bring your own coffee!)

Three classes: 
  Novice - Stock Class but fewer than 6 rallies, driver and navigator 

  Stock - Limited to stock odometer and non-programmable calculation 
equipment. Any timepiece.

  Equipped - Any equipment.

Car numbers will be consecutive, and will be assigned at registration.  You 
will start at 6:00 p.m. plus your car number in minutes.  Route instructions 
will be given out 20 minutes before you start.

Pre-register by mailing your payment with the form below by February 12th and 
we will mail the General Instructions back to you.  Please try to 
pre-register to help us plan accordingly.  Thanx!

Any questions call, Allen Hefner, 215-884-1163, or e-mail: ajhsys@aol.com.

Directions: New Hope/Solebury High School is located on Route 179, just north 
of Route 202 in Bucks County, PA.  Registration will be in front of the 

Dash Plaques to all!

- - - - - - - - - cut here - - - - - - - - -

Rally in the Dark - February 24, 2001 - Philadelphia Region SCCA

Driver: ________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

City State Zip: ________________________________________

e-mail: ________________________________________

SCCA Region: ________________________________________

SCCA Member #:________________________________________

Navigator: ________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

City State Zip: ________________________________________

e-mail: ________________________________________

SCCA Region: ________________________________________

SCCA Member #:________________________________________

  Novice (less than 6 rallies combined) _____
  Stock _____
  Equipped _____

Car model and year: ________________________________________

Please enclose payment of $15.00 per car for SCCA or BMC members, $20.00 per 
car for non-members. 

Make checks payable to: "Philadelphia Region SCCA", and mail to:
Allen Hefner, PO Box 286, Abington, PA 19001-0286

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