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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 07:35:05 -0500
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 From my limited experience and reading the usual suspects, this is 
only partially correct in that the word "porting" often is used to 
mean more than reworking the intake and exhaust ports of a head. 
Porting often is used when one is speaking of also reworking the 
head's combustion chamber, including and especially the area around 
the valves. Those changes don't require matching to the manifolds.

DLancer7676@cs.com wrote:
>In a message dated 1/11/2001 12:48:07 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>barryk@cableone.net writes:
><< I am looking for performance parts for a 1275. Pieces like a ported head >>
>I don't think just a ported head would do you any good.   As I understand it,
>and I have never attempted to port a head, the head is ported to match the
>accompanying intake and exhaust manifold.  I think I understand how it is
>done, and am sure I will be porting a head in my future.  I think you would
>be best to use your stock head and port it to YOUR inlet and outlet
>equipment.  Is this correct, listers? 
>--David C.


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