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RE: Bugeye seats

To: "'David Ramsey'" <dwramsey@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: RE: Bugeye seats
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 09:31:01 -0800
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Did you use the Bugeye tracks or make your own mounts? I have a set of 914
seats I was planning to put in my MKII. The only thing I don't like about
them is that they are too flat under my knees. I need to mount them at a
slightly tipped back angle. They also don't have any side bolsters but
between the door, the tunnel and 5 point harnesses I don't figure I'll have
any problems.

64 MK II Sprite - HRBYTOY (under construction/de-construction)

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I'm using a set of seats out of a 914 Porsche in my bug-i, bought them from
Antelope dismantlers for $20.  Cut off the head rests and recovered them for
about $300 total.  They are more comfortable than the original seats and
look better than any of the aftermarket seats I've seen.  The best part is I
was able to mount them without drilling any extra holes and can remove them
and install the original seats anytime.

>BlankI'm looking for a pair of Bugeye seats. My car is about done but =
>the seats are rusted out crap. I need either a pair of restorable seats, =
>or, much less desireable, a pair of after mkt. substitutes.
>Any ideas?
>Michael O'Higgins
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