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Re: valve seats/racing head

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Subject: Re: valve seats/racing head
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 14:38:21 EST
In a message dated 1/2/03 10:05:29 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
KansaR@diebold.com writes:

> Ok all you performance gals and guys..
> heres questions i am sure has been beat to death at sometime or another..
> should i install hardened/SS, or such valve seats in my "racing" (lol) head
> in tinkerbell?
> since i am freshining it up, i noticed i AM getting recession in the head. 
> So we are considering the seats. 5 angle grind of course.. any 
> suggestions?,
> experience, good/bad? seats cracking?, falling out? best mod ever?..
> the head isnt anything magic though i did some backyard porting/smoothing
> myself and its at least not any worse.
> heres another question dear speed folks..
> whats the word on aluminum spring retainers? i found a cracked spring and 
> am
> going to replace the lot. should i replace the old steel discs with  fancy
> tops too? any suggested spring pressure with new hardened seats if i 
> install
> them? i think 320# is about right, any comments? i am going to put in the
> higher ratio rockers too..
> just looking for second opinions above my own. 
> R Kansa southwind racing 

If you indeed are racing go for either the Aluminum retainers or if budget 
will allow there are titanium ones available.  You get into the lighter valve 
train is better for higher speeds.  springs are your choice - but as you are 
using the higher ratio keep in mind some of the higher lift cams coupled with 
the 1.5:1 rocker ratio can cause valve crush (let's not go into how I know - 
just suffice it to say something will give - in my case it was the rocker arm 
that snapped)  so check it out.  MiniSpares (London) sells a set of springs 
just for this problem (so does MiniMania - Calif. at twice the price)

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