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valve seats/racing head

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Subject: valve seats/racing head
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 13:03:50 -0500
Ok all you performance gals and guys..
heres questions i am sure has been beat to death at sometime or another..

should i install hardened/SS, or such valve seats in my "racing" (lol) head
in tinkerbell?
since i am freshining it up, i noticed i AM getting recession in the head. 
So we are considering the seats. 5 angle grind of course.. any suggestions?,
experience, good/bad? seats cracking?, falling out? best mod ever?..
the head isnt anything magic though i did some backyard porting/smoothing
myself and its at least not any worse.

heres another question dear speed folks..
whats the word on aluminum spring retainers? i found a cracked spring and am
going to replace the lot. should i replace the old steel discs with  fancy
tops too? any suggested spring pressure with new hardened seats if i install
them? i think 320# is about right, any comments? i am going to put in the
higher ratio rockers too..
just looking for second opinions above my own. 

R Kansa southwind racing 

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