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staking the vampire

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Subject: staking the vampire
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 08:27:48 -0600
OK youse guys,

So, my much documented troubles with freeze plugs on one of my recent race
motors has caused me to ponder various solutions.

Usually, a good machine shop will remove them for hot tanking, but is smart
enough not to want to get involved in replacing them. I s'pose, in theory,
the plugs shouldn't be a problem, as they're usually pounded in, often with
a sealer, and are only subject to 12-14 lbs of water pressure. But, for
whatever reason they often are a problem on a race motor.

My Red Rat motor had Allen screws staking them into the block on an angle in
a triangular pattern... an inelegant, yet effective method. John Sprinzel
said the Works used a bar across all three... a solution I'm considering

I'd like some creative ideas from some of you with too much time on your
hands on this fine cold (9 degrees) Sunday morning. Perhaps a 1/4 piece of
bar stock that spans the length of all 3 freeze plugs, threaded into the
block on the ends, with three individual allen screws threaded thru the bar
that each center on a freeze plug applying pressure???

If you've got a picture of a solution you've used, all the better.
(Gigante... you payin' attention? I realize its summer over there in the
land of 'roos)

Comments? Ideas?


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