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Re: high milage fluids

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Subject: Re: high milage fluids
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 15:11:49 -0000
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Another way to look at it:
Lets take some very modest figures of 3000 miles between oil
changes.... average speed overal, say 40mph, and average running rpm
of 3000. Now those figures I guess could well be a lot higher for some
on the list (drive it like you stole it???)

3000 miles at 40 mph takes 75 hours = 4500 minutes.
4500 minutes at 3000rpm = 13 1/2 million crank revolutions!
Sounds like quite a lot for the oil to cope with between oil changes.

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> Oh, yeah...
> Ever see what a crank looks like in a
> transparent sump turning at 4,000-7,000
> rpm!!?

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