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RE: Spridget panhard bar

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Subject: RE: Spridget panhard bar
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 09:03:36 -0600
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I had come to the conclusion that a "twin needle" EGR with two thermocouples
would be a pretty important tool, particularly with SU's where the adjusting
is all done at the fat end of the metering needle and has virtually no
relationship to what your getting when your "toggle switch" is to the floor.
I bought a gauge, but have not gotten to welding in the bungs for the
sensors.  Wondering if you think the clamp on thermocouples would work okay.
I don't want to pull my header and unwrap all that nice fiberglass header

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> Gentlemen,
>      Been following your post on race motors and would
> like to add some info.  The best diagnostic tool I
> ever purchased was a Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge.  I
> use a dual unit placed in the pod for the speedo where
> it is quite inconspicuous (vintage racing).  You can
> watch what timing and needle swapping/adjustment can
> do right away and no guess work.  You wouldn't believe
> what altitude and humidity can do to your settings.  I
> run much higher comp rations then mentioned here and
> hand grenaded engines on a regular basis but (knock on
> wood) never since I've had the gauge.   If your
> interested go to www.pegasusautoracing.com.
> Bob
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