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chevy van A/C parts needed no lbc!

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Subject: chevy van A/C parts needed no lbc!
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 08:33:40 -0500
ok gang!  i need some help from those of you who live in warmer climates
here in america.
i need 4 parts for factory 1978-1982 chevrolet / GMC V-8 (G-10-30 series W/O
rear A/C) airconditioning to complete my project.   GM has discontinued all
lof it and i must locate these parts used at a salvage yard somewhere.
2 condenser mounting brackets(condenser to rad. support, if bent i can
straighten them i just need the bits for proper spacing of condenser from
high side line (solid aluminum tube with charge / test port on it) that goes
through the rad support to the condenser.(this line was siezed and broke to
save the condenser)
and the expansion valve / drier assembly that attaches to the fiberglass
evaporator box under hood with the compressor cycling switch on it with
mounting (to condenser box) straps or brackets(i do not know what attaches
it as i'm missing these bits )
i have evrything else!   here in the north east A/C was not a common
comodity like it was in the south and south west.  i have been searching for
these bits for a few weeks to no avail.   after getting so darn sick last
summer in the heat while alone traveling in indianna i fear having this
happen again this year .  with my weight loss i'm led to believe my body's
water reserves are no longer what they once were and with all the traveling
i do alone long distance i'm very concerned about the up coming summer.
i'm trying to complete by the beginning of march before going to sebring.
these parts are not large nor heavy but essential to my completion of this
any assistance in locating these bits would greatly apreciated!!!!!
please reply off list as i see this becoming a burden to others as it is not
LBC related?

thank you!
formerly"the world's largest sprite driver"  now justa big guy with a little
cute car!  ;)

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