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I'm keeping it

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Subject: I'm keeping it
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 22:25:43 -0600
First of all, thanks to those that even mentioned
the S.O.S. fund....  Kinda made me feel like a heel
for even considering selling it.

My reasons to keep (for now):

1) Wife says we should hold out until we know more
        about my job hunting efforts.
2) Turns out we are burning my severance at about
        half the pace I was expecting.  That helps
        a lot.
3) A very good friend (thanks, Martin) reminded me
        that I have almost owned it half my life...
4) She's the ONLY female (including the wife) that has
        smiled at me every time I saw her.
5) I think the kicker, however, was my 20 month old 
        son.  When he and mom got home today (through
        the garage) he patted the car on it's fender
        and said "Wendy" and giggled.  He then picked
        up a wrench and acted like he was working on
        it.  I got a couple of pics of it I thought
        I would share: 
        I can't deny him the opportunity of owning
        that car.

So, thanks for the advice (recently and before).

Now, on to the questions....  ;-)

Anybody know an easy way to get the tranny mount bolts
in once you have the engine and tranny in?  Other than
putting the car on a lift.......


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Crazy assed idea, but no crazier than any of the other SOS

I bet we caould each chip in a few shillings, have the list
"buy" the car, and have Rob keep it for us (under the
proviso that it gets finished with our help and is driven
regularly and joyfully).

Just a thought...


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