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Re: RE springs for 1500 - no longer around

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Subject: Re: RE springs for 1500 - no longer around
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 12:43:46 -0800 (PST)
I'm with you on the aluminum bats... 
The Landrumspring.com link is GREAT Keeping in mind that they are selling metal 
springs. Fiberglass springs are of course made from GLASS, not plastic, fibers 
and resin. They fail to mention susceptibility of the resin to UV (must have 
opaque coating applied). Corvette leaf springs have been some kind of composite 
for many years, though they're less exposed to flying debris. I doubt there is 
enough heat in the rear drums of a Spridget to effect the material.
A monoleaf (regardless of material) has the advantage of less internal 
friction, and presumably lighter weight for a given stiffness. Progressive rate 
would be there whether you liked it or not...
- GT
 Ray <spook01@comcast.net> wrote: And that is why we use carbon fiber springs 
to this very day..............Best,
"Protecting man from folly only 
assures a world full of fools."
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ptegler@cablespeed.com writes: 
> Fiberglass Leaf Spring - The fiberglass leaf spring is made of a mixture of
> plastic fibers and resin; it is lighter than all other springs. However, 
> the
> cost is three times greater. The disadvantage is that they produce
> inconsistent spring rates. In addition, fiberglass springs are sensitive to
> heat. The resins break down when exposed to heat and heat cycles (produced
> from exhaust and/or brake systems) which will cause the resin in the spring
> to become brittle, resulting in the spring collapsing. Another problem
> occurs with nconsistent resin mix which will cause the leaf to splinter and
> break. Furthermore, the fiberglass spring is susceptible to damage from
> rocks and debris.

And for some reason, a fiberglass spring just doesn't seem right to me.  Kind 
of like an aluminum baseball bat.  Guess it was worth a try. 8^)

--David C.

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