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Re: More Paint Questions

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Subject: Re: More Paint Questions
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 16:55:17 -0500
The metal was not prep'd properly.  One or more of the cleaning chemicals 
were not properly washed off before the undercoat was applied - or -  the 
top coat and the primer are not compatible (very unlikely unless you had 
two different shops involved).

I don't blame you for being sick, it will all have to come off and start again.

Best of luck,

At 01:41 PM 28/12/2005 -0800, David Riker wrote:
>Hey all:
>I am sick to the point of throwing up.  This isn't Spridget related, as my MG
>is done as I care to make it.  I have been working on my 1970  Ford Torino GT.
>I'm not up for the "because it's a Ford" jokes right now, what I need are
>answers so I can get some sleep and solve the problem.  This has been as close
>to a check book restoration as a working guy can do, and that is why this is
>all the more disturbing.  Long story short, had the vehicle trim removed to a
>rolling shell, soda blasted to bare metal, a reputable shop spent the last 5
>months getting the body lazer straight.  Their time and materials were over
>$8500, not counting rechrome, reassembly, small parts, etc.
>The car looks absolutely stunning,  except that after just one month, the
>paint has begun blistering over the entire car.....right now they look like
>pin head sized, but it looks worse and is visible on more and more of the car
>each time I look.
>What went wrong???
>I've already showed it to the body shop.  He says he will make it right, but a
>friend and I did disassembly & reassembly, so am I going to have to do that
>David Riker

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