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RE: Wire wheel restoration

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Subject: RE: Wire wheel restoration
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 11:26:04 -0500
The heat from sandblasting can be very bad for the spokes (yes, sandblasting
can generate THAT MUCH heat).  You can get a brand new set of Dayton wire
wheels, for little more than it would cost you to have yours rebuilt.
Personally, I think wire wheels are a big pain in the butt, although the
painted ones sure do look good on a Spridget.  I just can't get excited
about chrome wire wheels.....too much "flash", too much work to keep clean.
But, then, I think luggage racks (chrome luggage racks, especially) look
stupid, too, and would only mount one if I was going to carry stuff on it.
And I would not be happy about it, either.
Bud Osbourne

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Subject: Wire wheel restoration

I've got a pretty good lead on a donor car that has
some nice things I want - but it also has 5 wire
wheels. I'm toying with a a switchover to wire wheels
for looks and because I want the necessary parts for a
disc brake conversion for my 62.

There is some minor rust on the chrome. Can I
sandblast myself and have a chrome shop or powder
coating facility do the finish? I'm worried that the
areas around the spoke nipples would never get clean
enough for a good application of chrome or paint.

Joe Lansing
62 Sprite MKII

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