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[Spridgets] AMSOIL's recommendation for flat tappet engines

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Subject: [Spridgets] AMSOIL's recommendation for flat tappet engines
From: "John Fisher" <jfisher3@fast.net>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 19:17:41 -0400

The ongoing discussion of lubrication in flat tappet engines made a
reference to Amsoil's Harley oil, which possibly refers to Amsoil MCV a
motorcycle specific 20W-50 lubricant with additives for wet clutch operation
not needed in automobile applications.  Amsoil has 5 specific
recommendations for flat tappet engines, including 2 20W-50 lubricants, but
the "Harley oil" is not one of them.

Amsoil's "marketing methods" may be a reference to the fact that they are
still loyal to their multi level marketing networks which originated in
1972.  AmZoil (the original name) was the first company to market synthetic
automotive motor oil, years before Mobil Oil developed Mobil 1.  A new
company which was selling "artificial oil" then had difficulty promoting
it's products without massive advertising funds.  Instead, Amzoil recruited
dealers who showed their customers that synthetic oil was not only as good
as, but far superior to petroleum oil.  

The promotion of 1 year or 25,000 (yes thousand) mile oil changes was and
still is considered lunacy by most people, but the fact remains that Amsoil
is the only manufacturer which will put this interval (and more) on the
label of some of their products.    Mobil tried and failed.  Alan Amatuzio
and Amsoil still remain faithful to their dealer network who sold the
products to their friends and neighbors.  Amsoil has developed an extensive
line of lubricants for the automotive, industrial and commercial markets,
and is constantly testing and having their products tested against the
competition.  Almost every time it proves superior. Some boutique lubricants
may win occasionally, but Amsoil has a consistently high quality product

Thanks for listening, I really was not trying for a commercial.

John Fisher
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