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[Spridgets] rebuilt vs restored Re: Bugeye in Magazine

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Subject: [Spridgets] rebuilt vs restored Re: Bugeye in Magazine
From: "Mark A. O'Neil" <mark.a.oneil@Dartmouth.EDU>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 10:24:56 -0400
>> FWIW, we had this same discussion on one of my antique motorcycle  
>> lists a
>> few years ago. The concensus term was "rebuilt" vs "restored".
>> Cheers!!
>> Jim

You wouldn't be on the Indian list would you Jim?

We had the exact same discussion and consensus.

I also like "fixin it up"! Given both my bike (41 Indian) and auto (79  
Midg) are intended to be ridden/driven often and rather abusively  
(like I stole 'em may be appropriate) I might add, doing what it takes  
to make certain they stop and go as I expect is essential - often  
after a sacrifice to the 'concours original' gods. Then there /is/ the  
money factor....

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