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        I would surely buy one!

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Jim Johnson wrote:
> Jay and Mark have touched on a subject which I have been contemplating for
> couple of years for the Sprite-Midget Club USA.

I like the idea of this.
I have a bunch of tech tips all over the net, and lots stored in my tech
tips file.
I'm sure others have some too.
Now you know I am not the most organized person in the world but, if
someone on this list can sort of put something in order like start with
bumpers and end with a rear end removal, that would be great.
Maybe sell it for $5 or something like that for the good of the club.
Call it "How Do I fix my Spridget?"
Correct way (by the book)
Short cuts
Modern improvements
Nut & bolt sizes
Wrench sizes
A frame sway bar drilling pattern
tie rod removal (both ways)
Lots of stuff we all have learned on this list over the years could be
very useful to all the newbies and us old farts who are now loosing our
minds ;)

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
My own Fleet of Sprites
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