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To: Phil Nase <nases@verizon.net>, "spridgets Spridgets@autox.team. Net"
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Sprite storage
From: Bob Spruck <mgmaven@bellsouth.net>
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 19:59:47 -0400
I have a  Haulmark 16' dual axle enclosed trailer I use to haul my 1967
Midget vintage race car to the races. I store the car in the trailer
between races when I am not working on it in the garage. The key to
successful storage is ventilation. My trailer has one 18" square vent that
I leave open about two inches. I am in Sharpsburg, GA, just south of
Atlanta so we have considerable heat and humidity but mild winters. Another
key to rust free and mold free storage is to not park the trailer on dirt.
Dirt seems to give up more moisture than concrete. My buddy parks his on
dirt/grass and has a significant mold and mildew problem despite running a
de-humidifier constantly. I use a small electric space heater in the winter
so the temp stays just above freezing.

Sixteen feet is long enough to accommodate the Midget as well as three
kitchen cabinets I built across the front as work and storage space for
tools and spares when I go to the track. My trailer is an older model with
a curved front wall, not the pointed ones you see now. Make sure you use
tie down rings that are bolted through the floor and into the frame. I tie
my car down any time it is in the trailer and do not rely on the hand brake
or keeping it in gear. I use two stock tie down plates on the front and two
more mounted to the rear spring U-bolts in the rear. I don't think tying to
the front A-arm, rear axle or through the wheels is a reliable means to
keep the car from moving about while towing. You also want something secure
enough to hold the car in place if you ever have to make an emergency
maneuver or have an accident. Make sure you chock the trailer tires on both
sides and the front jack is adjusted to make the trailer level.

Your issues would be different, of course, if you are only going to use the
trailer for storage than if you will tow it to shows or to shops or use it
for anything else, like moving college students, kids, parents, etc like I
have. Don't forget the appropriately sized tow vehicle to handle the weight
and braking. 

That's my experience and opinion. I can send you digital photos if you
like. If you know Marc Palmer from MG Vintage Racers in Bethlehem, you
might want to see the rig he uses for his MGA.


At 05:47 PM 5/24/2009 , Phil Nase wrote:
>Anyone ever store a Sprite in an enclosed trailer?  I've been looking  
>for a trailer for the Bugeye and thinking an enclosed trailer could at  
>least provide some car storage when not in use and free up my garage  
>in winter for my pickup.
>I'm in PA  with wet, humid summers and wet cold winters.  It seems  
>rust might be a big problem unless the trailer is vented some how.
>Also, in any form of trailer how much length is enough?  I guess  
>ideally it should be long enough to have a lockable tool and spares  
>storage box.  14' or 16'?  I'm trying to keep it as light as possible.
>I hope all you vets have a great Holiday tomorrow and Thanks.
>Phil Nase
>Quakertown, PA
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