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Has the "rubber" line at each wheel been replaced ...where they exist?
Is there a second 'rubber' line in the rear between the body and the brake
tubing that is anchored to the differential? 
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This is regarding my street Bugeye, 1960 with stock suspension and 4 wheel
drum brakes. When I hit the brake pedal, it lurches HARD to the left. Not a
little drift - it snaps the steering wheel counterclockise. I have changed
various elements one at a time over the past year, it's unchanged. I've

Brake pads
Brake rubber line
Wheel cylinders
trunnion bushings
Wheel bearings

Brake pedal is hard and drums are adjusted like I always have, and the car
used to have wonderful brakes. 

To check out the effect of weight shift under braking, I actually went down
a hill in reverse fast enough to get the lurch effect and nailed the brakes
and the car stopped fine and linearly. It's definitely something in the
suspension in the front that acts up when the front is loaded. Any and all
ideas are welcomed. The car looks stunning and goes like Ed to a "FREE BEER"
sign, but I'm ready for a "Ran When Parked" advertisement. 

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