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[Spridgets] No LBC - plastic fittings

Subject: [Spridgets] No LBC - plastic fittings
From: mdrowe at optonline.net (Michael Rowe)
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 21:06:49 -0500
References: <0440493C02D74ED5A22C7C3CF46FB5DB@Home> <8E1F6D020D2C46DFB952CC04DE254909@blackbox2> <CAJgjnur5iaNGX-W+kmx6ppv9g=ixvxjObmNGKmemZ-TDKLghcA@mail.gmail.com> <A2758E609B264C3EBD7F9D7FCD55EE4C@blackbox2> <9DCD97DE65474673A17B6997539E9305@Home> <7864864C-AA9B-4CB0-8BDF-F7CB447B3734@comcast.net> <4F5BF517.2050406@wi.net>
For all the chuckles my query produced (I thought you would like that), 
there are still only two people on this very large list who have provided 
useful information and now know the full story.  Eat your hearts out, 

But I still have not found beach-toy valves.  I did find self-stick valves 
for blow-up kites, but they are $20 each.  So, anyone who can find a source 
of small numbers of these cheaper valves gets not only the full story behind 
the query, but also an autographed picture of the recipient and her 

Michael Rowe the Lessor 

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