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[Spridgets] Transmission overhaul

Subject: [Spridgets] Transmission overhaul
From: mdrowe at optonline.net (Michael Rowe)
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 11:03:49 -0400
VB offers a transmission overhaul kit, but no instructions.  It is not obvious 
from the manuals whether or not this kit is an easy or hard job.  Any advice or 
source of instructions specific to this overhaul?

We had near-record weather yesterday, so I took the Midget out around town, and 
was lucky to get home.  I have no clutch throw-out bearing left.  But an even 
more important problem is that my right calf doesn't work well because of my 
back problems, which makes heavy braking a challenge.  I may have to put a 
block on my brake pedal so it is lower on my foot.

Michael  Rowe
'74 Bugeyed Midget
'60 Sprite kit

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