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Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2016 15:07:43 -0700
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  What is the preferred paint these days for chassis paint, well ok 
there isn't a real frame so underbody paint.

  I spent $180 at Eastwood getting their epoxy primer and chassis black 
ceramic paint and no way that is near enough paint to do the underbody.  
I am happy with the way what I did looks, shot around the wheel wells 
and other areas that might be seen but the part that no one sees but the 
road I have to find something less expensive and maybe even thicker for 
better protection.  I had thought of POR15 but that seems overkill also, 
I need good rust protection now that the rust is gone, something chip 
resistant would be great.  I am thinking some kind of rubbery paint 
would be better.  My last car had a actual frame and wooden floor boards 
so I used chassis black and varnish on it, this one of course does not 
have a full frame and not sure what to use.

  Not a show car, but has to look like one :)  Son-in-law actually is 
hoping to daily drive this thing and wants it to look good, but will 
never be shown.  Body will be painted in what I hope to be a good 7ft. 
paint job, I generally can do a good 10ft. paint job but i am hoping to 
do better this time around and get it down to 7ft. or so.


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