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Half Cracked

To: tigers@autox.team.net (Tiger List)
Subject: Half Cracked
From: RKEMPINS@SSF4.jsc.nasa.gov (Kempinski, Robert M.)
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 11:36:02 -0500
Went to polish my mags this weekend and found I have a mag that is practicaly 
cracked in half.  Not wanting to buy a new set, I wonder if anyone knows 
if the company is still around. The wheels are called "SuperDrag," made 
by Superior Wheel Company in VanNuys California. They are slotted deep dish 
aluminum (magnesium?) 13 inch wheels.  If anyone has an extra or knows about 
the company, I'd appreciate the info.

Rob Kempinski
Houston, Texas

P.S. Sorry again about that Shelby parts  message.

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