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Re: Half Cracked

To: RKEMPINS@SSF4.jsc.nasa.gov (Kempinski, Robert M.)
Subject: Re: Half Cracked
From: Roland Dudley <cobra@cdc.hp.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 96 14:07:50 PDT
> Went to polish my mags this weekend and found I have a mag that is practicaly 
> cracked in half.  Not wanting to buy a new set, I wonder if anyone knows 
> if the company is still around. The wheels are called "SuperDrag," made 
> by Superior Wheel Company in VanNuys California. They are slotted deep dish 
> aluminum (magnesium?) 13 inch wheels.  If anyone has an extra or knows about 
> the company, I'd appreciate the info.
> Rob Kempinski

My old buddies the Nygaard twins (the ones I acquired my knock-off
hammer technique from) broke one of their Halibrand mags in a race once
and were able to get it welded up and machined so that you couldn't even
see the damage.

> P.S. Sorry again about that Shelby parts  message.

You should be ashamed!


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