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Re: Aluminum water pump

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Subject: Re: Aluminum water pump
From: "Randy Zimmermann" <RZIMM@hhh.umn.edu>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 11:35:30 CST
I'd like to hear more about why the Tiger water pump is unique versus 
the standard aftermarket aluminum pumps sold for Ford 260's.  I'm 
rebuilding my engine and have obtained a Carter pump from a local 
supplier.  Visually comparing the new pump with the old pump, I can't 
see any substantial differences.  But if there are, I don't want to 
install something that will adversely effect the engine.  I'm spending 
too much money and time to have that happen!.

Randy Zimmermann
66 MkIa (B382002349)


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> From:           Steve Lemp <steve@ramus.com>
> Subject:        Aluminum water pump
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> I had to remove the thermostat housing from my '64 260 the other night
> because of a small leak and while I was at it I decided to pull the water
> pump to touch up a small area of paint that had "chipped" off. By the time
> that the pump was out, over half of the paint (everywhere but the shaft
> stem) had literally flaked off. The exposed aluminum was badly oxidized and
> the hose fittings were deeply corroded. Interestingly enough, internally the
> pump looked great. The impeller and the coolant chamber were free from rust
> and the coolant was very clean. The cooling system had operated leak free
> until the small problem developed with the thermostat, so the exterior of
> the pump hadn't been bathed in coolant over a long period of time. Obviously
> I'm going to need to replace the pump. My questions are: Has anyone
> experienced this problem with the aluminum pump? and if so, were you able to
> do anything about it? After reading some of the CAT Shop Notes, I understand
> that the 289 was fitted with a cast iron. Are they interchangeable? and if
> so, is there any advantage (or disadvantage) to switching over? From what
> I've read, the Tiger pump is not directly interchangeable with the
> comparable Ford pump. Does anyone supply a pump built to Tiger specs or
> provide a service to retrofit a Ford pump? Lastly, is there an aftermarket
> pump available that would provide better performance and efficiency?
> Any recommendations would be appreciated!
> Steve
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