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RE: Removing Paint From a Bumper

To: "'alpines@autox.team.net'" <alpines@Autox.Team.Net>,
Subject: RE: Removing Paint From a Bumper
From: "KEMPINSKI, ROBERT M. (JSC-OS)" <robert.m.kempinski1@jsc.nasa.gov>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 15:47:16 -0500

This may sound obvious, but have you tried chrome cleaner? That pinkish
stuff sold at most auto parts stores.   I use it all the time and with
some elbow grease it does a pretty good job removing all kinds of junk.
After rubbing, it looks pretty good.

Rob Kempinski
Houston Texas

>From:  Steve Semeraro
>Sent:  Monday, July 21, 1997 8:11 PM
>To:    alpines@autox.team.net
>Cc:    tigers@autox.team.net; british-cars@autox.team.net
>Subject:       Removing Paint From a Bumper
>Some of you know that I got hit from behind in my Alpine a few weeks 
>ago.  I'm putting a positive spin on the whole thing by using the ordeal 
>as an excuse to get everything fixed.  Of course, that means I can't go 
>first class.  One thing that is being postponed is re-chroming the 
>bumpers.  I found a used replacement for my destroyed rear bumper that 
>has some shine left and pretty much matchs the one in front.  I figure 
>I'll get them both re-chromed next year.  For now, though, I need to 
>clean up my replacement.  The main problem is white paint that was 
>apparently oversprayed onto about a quarter of the bumper.  Any 
>suggestions for removing it without ruining the chrome?  How about 
>for cleaning and shining generally?  Many thanks.
>Steve Semeraro
>Series V Sunbeam Alpine
>1968 Marcos GT

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