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RE: Misc. questions

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Subject: RE: Misc. questions
From: "Parlee, Brad (ED&C,SLS)" <brad.parlee@edc.ge.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 11:53:22 -0400
I'm not the mechanic of the year but hear is what I did in mine over the
past year.
1) Mobile 1, 90w, approximatly 1 gallon and/or until it comes back out
the fill hole of course.
2) Saw the other answer (which is best) - but a light tap to get it in
or lever pressure to force joint into taper will work sometimes if nuts
aren't available.
3) I used 30W engine oil.  Stand Rack on end and pour in from other. Top
boot removed. Rack must be out of car.
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> Subject:      Misc. questions
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> Hello All,
>       I'm currently in the final stages of reassembling
> my 66Tiger 1A, (which I bought in a basket case condition)
> and have several questions that I'm sure most of you can
> help me along with.
> I have the shop manual, but there is nothing better than 
> hearing from owners and what they have done / used.
> 1) What type of oil is best for 4 speed top-loader
>    transmission? How much (pints) is required ?
> 2) I've replaced both upper and lower ball joints on the
>    front end, they come with nuts that have plastic
>    lock off's at the very end. The problem that I'm 
>    having is when the thread reaches this portion of the 
>    nut, the ball joint threaded shaft spins and I can't 
>    torque down the nut properly. Any suggestions ??
> 3) I've also took off and cleaned up and now replaced
>    the rubber boots on the steering assembly. I would
>    like to replace the fluid in the rack + pinion 
>    assembly since its probably very old stuff in there.
>    What type of fluid ?  And how much ?
> Any help at all would be much appreciated. I was hoping
> to complete the car by Hot August Nights weekend, but
> I think I will be off by several weeks.
> Mike Rapoza
> Roseville, Ca.
> MK1A 1966
> B382000918

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