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RE: Strange Brake Problem

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Subject: RE: Strange Brake Problem
From: "Richard Atherton (Entex)" <a-richat@MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 04:48:14 -0700
        Semi metallic do take a while to seat in, since they are much
harder than the standard Organic.  This will give inadequate performance
initially, until they seat in correctly.  Usually a day or two of
driving of using the brakes a lot.  Once they are seated, they give
better performance.  It sounds like your booster is working, but not at
100%.  Pumping 5 or 6 times to move the pistons out doesn't sound
unreasonable for about a 1/4" of travel times two calipers.  Watch your
brake fluid level.  If the booster seals are letting go, it may start to
suck fluid into the vacuum can and eventually into the engine to be
burned in small white clouds of smoke !!


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> From:         Bob Reynolds[SMTP:info@standard-knapp.com]
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> Sent:         Tuesday, August 05, 1997 4:19 AM
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> Subject:      Strange Brake Problem
> The brakes on my newly restored tiger to puslated at during high speed
> stop
> (interstate exit ramps) so I decided to have the brake rotors turned
> and
> install a new set of Mintex(spelling) semi metalic brake pads.  When I
> completed the job the car had terrible brakes.  It was impossible to
> lock
> up the front wheels regardless of the braking effort or the the speed.
> I
> suspected that somehow the evil griling brake booster(not rebuilt) had
> decided to quit on me so I removed it and bleed the brakes.  There was
> no
> improvement in braking, but now the pedal effort was even higher. Next
> I
> reinstalled the original 50% worn brake pads. When pumping the pedal
> to get
> the caliper pistons back in the correct position it seemed like the
> master
> cylinder wasn't pumping any fluid.  After about 5 or 6 pumps the
> "feel"
> retuned to the pedal. This seem unusual compared to the brake jobs
> I've
> done before. The brakes now seemed to work as good as they did
> originally
> (with a little more effort).  Next I reinstalled the evil girling
> booster.
> The pedal effort improved again and the braking capability was as good
> as
> it was before I started this whole process.  The pulsating was also
> gone.  
> Even though the brakes work adequately now I am concerned that either
> there
> is something wrong with my master cylinder (which I rebuilt during the
> original restoration process) or I have a blockage somewhere in the
> brake
> line.  Any suggestions???
> Bob Reynolds  

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