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To: STUART_BRENNAN@HP-Andover-om3.om.hp.com
Subject: Re: MNI
From: Steve Laifman <laifman@flash.net>
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 17:20:01 +0100
STUART_BRENNAN@HP-Andover-om3.om.hp.com wrote:

>      I've only been to LA a couple times, but it appeared that there's been
>      plenty of street racing going on out there through the years.  Maybe
>      you mean LEGAL street racing???
>      Stu
>                     __

I have, in my careless youth, burned out many a clutch on the streets of
L.A. This, however, is the real McCoy. Benefits to the Police
Association, no less. VARA is a well known Vintage Auto Racing
Association and have a full year calendar (no winter here, don't you
know). There has been yearly pre-Thanksgiving races at Palm Springs,
Pomona, Streets of Willow, etc., etc. Really great competition from the
cars of the '60's on back. Great thrill to see XK120 Jags, Allards, Loti
of various configurations, Cobras, Mustangs, Shelby GT350, Ferrari, etc.
This event has many commercial backers, including Ford. So for 3 days in
the end of August the streets of L.A. (marked off, protected, and legal)
the sounds of the early days will be with us. Ought to be great.

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