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Re: New attitude

To: tiger technologies <tartanad@ix7.ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Re: New attitude
From: rpalmer@ames.ucsd.edu (Bob Palmer)
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 97 14:35:15 PDT

I applaud your "new attitude".  It certainly beats your "old attitude" which 
resulted in your aiming a lot of insults and criticism at various 
individuals involved with TUXXII.  Not that some it wasn't warranted, but 
let's at least give credit for a tremendous amount of effort for both the 
organizers and participants that made this year's TU unique.  Having 
contributed in some small way toward the completion of Dick Barker's Le Mans 
"mule", I can only say that your insults even affected me insofar as you 
demeaned the importance of these historic vehicles.  I certainly don't 
expect everyone to have the same value system; i.e., different strokes for 
different folks.  For myself,  I am not even particularly interested in 
minute details of history (e.g., hated the quiz), but admire people like 
Dick and Norm who are.  (It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.)  I'm 
also not particularly keen on Concours competition (which I gather your 
are).  I don't hesitate to make modifications if they produce a significant 
improvement in utility or performance, although I am trying harder to 
maintain the "appearance" of originality.  I do get some perverse 
satisfaction out of making a thirty year old technology work as well as the 
latest trendy gadgets.  My main point here is that the "new attitude" should 
include a "big tent" aspect which means being more accepting of factions 
with other priorities than ours.  If we approach the planning of TUXXIII 
with this attitude in mind, while we may not be able to please all of the 
people, at least we can please most while at the same time offending as few 
as possible.

Sorry I missed last week's meeting.  I had planned to come but something 
came up at the last minute.  Damn!  Well, maybe in September.

Bob Palmer

>To all Southern California Tigers owners and lovers:
>Those who missed last week's monthly CAT meeting missed what I am inclined
>to believe is the most significant discussion ever of where we are and where
>we can go as a motoring group. Sitting casually on the wall at the local
>Mission Viejo Der Weinerschnitzel was CAT prez Tom McDaniel, discussing and
>and asking how the club can be improved. Items such as weekend fun rallyes,
>swaps, fix-ins and just general get-togethers were brought up as ways to
>mend the fences not only within the club ranks but with those Tiger owners
>who just stay away because of all the BS politics.
>The goal as this member sees it is to work very hard between now and TUXXIII
>so that when the time comes, all Tiger owners will work hand in hand to put
>on--and enjoy--a spirited, very fun and fruitful time at Big Bear. Tom
>McDaniel seems commited to this cause and I for one loudly applaud his
>efforts. And remember, this is a guy without a lot of spare time on his
>hands. If he's willing give what little free time he has, shouldn't the rest
>of us? After all, working together is the only way to REALLY get things done.
>And as Steve Alcala told me a few weeks ago as we lounged lazily at the
>Beverly Hills Car Show when I asked him how we could get more club
>participation as compared to friends of mine who enjoy a multitude of
>activities and friendships in the local Healey club, there are so few Tigers
>around that our ranks are effectively thin. That just means we have to work
>all the harder. Casual car nuts LOVE to see our cars, so let's display them
>more often.
>Tom is planning a weekend event in Ventura in October. It will be casual,
>non-political, inexpensive and F-U-N. There will even be a car show to
>attend (hosted by the local Mustang club). You'll be hearing more about it
>as time nears. And Tiger Technologies will host another of its famous "swap
>till you drop" meets in November.
>Let's use these events as the springboard for a great future. Happy
>Tigerin'...keep it straight down the road of life.
>Jeff Cushing/TT

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