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Re: List 1 Simon 0

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Subject: Re: List 1 Simon 0
From: "Schotland" <schotbus@cyberenet.net>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 01:55:31 +0000

I remember a year or so ago SAOC banished one of its long time 
advertisers because of numerous member complaints about questionable 
business practices.  It wasn't Sunbeam Supreme, although it sounds 
like Mr. James & Co. have certainly earned similar treatment.  

Have any of the officers of SAOC and/or STOC been notified of Sunbeam 
Supreme's activities?  If so, what if any action has been taken?  
Let's hit this unscrupulous bastard where it hurts.  Why make it easy 
for him to find new prey by allowing him advertise in club magazines?

I haven't had any dealings with the company in question, but nothing 
irritates me more than to hear about enthusiastic Sunbeamers getting 
the shaft.  Believe it or not, for some people, one painful experience 
with a vendor is enough to make them abandon the marque.  That's a 
damn shame.


> Regarding Sunbeam Supreme -I to have had a bad experience with Mr James.
> Mr problem was semi resolved four months after he charged my card ,by
> threatening to expose him on this list (he still sent me substandard and
> wrong parts). In the end I didn't and just chalked it up to experience
> as it would seem did a lot of other people.
> What this thread does show us is just how valuable the sharing of
> knowledge concerning the cars we love can be. Throughout the world there
> are people who now will think twice about dealing with this guy and
> hopefully will be spared the frustration and hassles many of us have
> experienced.
>  As for Mr James he now has two options shape up or go broke and quite
> frankly since I will not be dealing with him any more I don't care which
> option he takes.
> Karl

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