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RE: ISO Tiger buying advice

To: "'Steve Pentlicki '" <Steve.Pentlicki@wcom.com>,
Subject: RE: ISO Tiger buying advice
From: Theo Smit <TSMIT@isotel.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 12:33:22 -0700
 Hi Steve,

1. Add these pages to your list of links:

2. Get a hold of at least one of the following publications,
"Sunbeam Alpine / Tiger Gold Portfolio"
"Tiger, The Making of a Sports Car" by Mike Taylor
"Tiger, An Exceptional Motorcar" by William Carroll
"The Book of Norman" by Norm Miller

These resources will give you a good overview of the past and present of
As far as originality and hard to find stuff goes, it's the things you
wouldn't expect that are going to get you. The air cleaner, radiator shroud,
and remote (block mounted) oil filter mount are probably the hardest engine
compartment pieces to find. In the trunk, it's the tool kit and the jack. In
the interior, you can get repro pieces for just about everything, it just
costs some money. Original clocks are highly sought after, and priced

Good luck,

Theo Smit

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From: Steve Pentlicki
To: tigers@autox.team.net
Sent: 3/14/00 8:13 AM
Subject: ISO Tiger buying advice

First off, thanks to everyone's kind e-mails in response to my
Because of your support, I think my Tiger learning and buying experience
will go a lot more smoothly.

Right now, I think my plan is to find a good driver that has the basic
originality required to be a good restoration candidate a few years down
road. Of course, an original drivetrain will be important.

What other original elements should I look for?  For instance, are
wheels hard/expensive to acquire? How about the interior, sheetmetal,
chrome, emblems, engine compartment items?

What are the good options that I should look for?

Lastly, kind of a historical and political question, what is the general
consensus of Shelby Mustang owners and Ford/Shelby car buffs in general,
terms of recognizing that the Tiger is the work product of C. Shelby, in
much the same way as is the Shelby Mustang? I guess I am asking, because
know the connection, but am under the impression that know one else
Then again, I am the only person I know that is enamored with all things
Ford and all things Shelby. What do other people think?


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