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Re: Commercial ads on the Tiger List

To: Pirouette@uisreno.com
Subject: Re: Commercial ads on the Tiger List
From: CMeinel464@aol.com
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 08:41:14 EST

As one of the legitimate Sunbeam part sources (commercial)? Thanks for 
letting the list know that Rick and I do not Spam the list.

Frankly, I don;t see anything wrong with a person or in fact a (commercial 
company) for dropping a "for sale" add once in a while. The whole point is 
that the person or company is trying to inform fellow owners of something 
they might be interested in.

I have learned that it's best to respond to an individual who is looking for 
a part rather than bother the whole list with "yes, we have whatever in 
stock."  Frankly a lot of the mail, especially the trashing, should be sent 
between the parties involved, not the entire list.

The point of both the Tiger and Alpine mailing list is communication!  Both 
sites also have links to vendors and that is greatly appreciated by both 
myself and Rick.

BTW, both Rick and I are also Tiger and Alpine owners so where do we draw the 

Anyway, I enjoy the list very much and hope that the vendors don't make it a 
bulletin board for profit.  Jan selling his rivets or Chris selling his oil 
pan is no big deal.  Most of us owners all have extra parts that others might 
be in need of.

Best regards,
Classic Sunbeam 

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