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Re: ISO opinions on Tiger at ebay

To: "Paul R. Sheahan" <sunbeamtiger@prodigy.net>,
Subject: Re: ISO opinions on Tiger at ebay
From: Bob Palmer <rpalmer@ames.ucsd.edu>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 15:50:51 -0800

Oh, that kind of hot. Well then, maybe we should put him in touch with 
Cullen Bennett who can tell him how to install air conditioning in his (or 
is it her?) Tiger.

At 05:19 PM 3/29/00 -0500, Paul R. Sheahan wrote:
>      Hmmmmmmmmmmm.    Don't think he ment his wife.  In the photos I saw,
>there was a Mercedes in his garage.  Maybe she thought the Tiger would come
>with A/C and be as smooth as the MB.
>Paul R. Sheahan

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