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Re: colors & part numbers

To: SLaifman@socal.rr.com
Subject: Re: colors & part numbers
From: DJoh797014@aol.com
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 21:16:52 EDT
Perhaps Norm will jump in, but the MK I Tigers did
have black engines.  But MK IA's like mine have the dark
blue. Uncle Wally's engine has never been out of the car 
and its dark blue.  Good question as to when Ford started
shipping the dark blue engines. Ken Bishop's MK II has the
light blue.  The trans is black.  Ditto the driveshaft and
differential except the pumpkin which is Ford Industrial
orange.  All these paints are readily available from many
sources including, Trak, Pep Boys, etc.

Dave Johnson, B382002668

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