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RE: colors & part numbers

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Subject: RE: colors & part numbers
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Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 20:04:50 -0700
Dave, Sean,

According to TBON, page 145, all Tigers with chassis vins from approximately
B382000601 on came with engines painted "Old Ford Dark Blue", including the
intake manifold and oil pan. B382000601 was built in October of 1965, a late
MK-I. The transition from MK-I to MK-IA is rather imprecise in terms of
physical features, but is considered, at least by some, to correspond to the
start of 1966. I presume that the change to blue corresponds with the second
group of engines purchased by Rootes from the Ford Industrial Division.
Apparently, for some reason, Ford Industrial changed the color from black to
blue from 1964 to 1965.

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Perhaps Norm will jump in, but the MK I Tigers did
have black engines.  But MK IA's like mine have the dark
blue. Uncle Wally's engine has never been out of the car
and its dark blue.  Good question as to when Ford started
shipping the dark blue engines. Ken Bishop's MK II has the
light blue.  The trans is black.  Ditto the driveshaft and
differential except the pumpkin which is Ford Industrial
orange.  All these paints are readily available from many
sources including, Trak, Pep Boys, etc.

Dave Johnson, B382002668

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