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what the shelby club thinks of tigers

To: "tiger" <tigers@autox.team.net>
Subject: what the shelby club thinks of tigers
From: "Bellis" <Bellis@isoc.net>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 19:10:04 -0400
hi all tiger friends, i have been reading all the posts on this and had to
throw in my 2 cents. yes the shelby club likes tigers? they will take your
money (like everyone elses) at their events they have a class for us, but it
is funny that they will not print one word about tigers in the world
registery, this a book and club dedicated to the cars that carrol shelby
built/developed/raced but in it there is the 91-92 saac mustang and i do not
remember him having anything to do with them but they are in there. he did
not design the gt40, just raced them  but he was paid to developed the tiger
and got a small commission from each one sold so i would say that should
qualify it as a shelby touched car. i have emailed mr. kopec about this
little item being left out and he is real strong that tigers do not belong
in the shelby registery. i can only hope that some day that will change.
just my 2 cents worth
happy tigering
bob ellis  b9473215 (under construction)

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