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Subject: taillights
From: "Larry Wright" <LWright@impactofficepro.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 13:12:06 -0400
Theo Smit wrote:
>One of the local Alger guys rewired his taillights 
>to have integrated brake and turn signal lights (like 
>most older domestic cars). This gives double the 
>brake and turn signal visibility, plus a redundant 
>bulb on each side. If you still have red lenses on 
>your turn signals, that's an option to consider.

        I'm _still_ a fan of the old T-bird/Cougar "sequential" rear
turn signals; seems like a good attention-getter at traffic lights,
might prevent a rear-end collision someday. Looking at a stock 'Beam
taillight, there are only two bulb sockets in the housing, but there's
room for a third one in between if one wanted to take a hole saw to one.
Hmm, IIRC, you'd have to bore extra holes in the body too (ouch), but
that would be covered by the housing, so if you didn't like it, it would
be reversable. Also, IIRC, I don't have one in front of me, but the
center of the lens has -- I think -- a silver reflector behind it in the
center, but I presume it could be removed. I saw in some Ford restorer's
catalog, or maybe in some hot-rod supply magazine ad, the mechanism to
be wired in-line to drive the squential flashing. Neat.

Uh, right now, I probably should get my _stock_ signals fixed first.
Last weekend, I went to use 'em and they were dead...

Larry Wright
"I can't get no-- Satis-traction"

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