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Re: ford bashing . . . .

To: DavidAdin@mercydurango.org
Subject: Re: ford bashing . . . .
From: Steve Laifman <SLaifman@socal.rr.com>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 08:59:45 -0800
A few random observations, David,

DavidAdin@mercydurango.org wrote:

>FORD: Up to 10 cup holders and five power points. 
>TRANSLATION: Just you try to drink that much coffee. We don't know what
>power points are, either, but some junior ad writer came up with the phrase
>and we kept it because we thought it sounded impressive.

Have they even thought to make provisions for what to do with those 10 
cups of coffee, after they have been "processed"?

>FORD: Large payload capacity--up to one ton. 
>TRANSLATION: And it holds nine people, so each of them can weigh up to 225
>pounds. Or, five mothers-in-law at 400 pounds each. It's your call.

All that hyped size and room, and the best it can do is carry one Tiger 
inside, and tow another? Hardly seems worth owning.

>FORD: SecuriLockTM passive anti-theft system helps deter would-be thieves. 
>TRANSLATION: It took Vinny 300 percent longer to break in and drive
>off-nearly two full minutes!

Good. That means you may still get out of owning this tank with your 
insurance payment when it is "Gone in 120 Seconds".  The Police Chiefs 
will love them in Tiajuana.

>FORD: More fuel efficient--with more passenger and cargo carrying
>capacity--than two average full-size sedans capable of transporting
>equivalent loads. 
>TRANSLATION: Please try not to think how much gas you're wasting when you
>take the Excursion to go get a gallon of milk.

Another secret weapon of mass destruction from Saddam, a direct frontal 
assault on our economy through the petrol scam.


Well, I'm in for it now from the 5' 2" soccer moms who take two parking 
places on either side of my Tiger, and park 2 inches from my door. :-(

(see - Tiger content!!!! :-) )


Steve Laifman

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