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Re: ford bashing . . . .

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Subject: Re: ford bashing . . . .
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Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 21:13:04 -0800
Dave:  My Chevy Tahoe SUV gets 20 MPG, sorry about yours! Bye the Bye, what
type of mileage do you get with your Tiger?  Jerry with the Candy Apple
Tiger in Cambria.
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> And memory serves me it was a GM SUV driven
> by a space cadette. 'Golly is that a classic?'
> Suburbans are just slightly smaller than the big Fords
> and are just a dangerous.  And GM makes no
> effort to put on a front overrider.
> I would like to see a $1 to $2 gas tax added with the
> money going to rebuilding the Interstates and bridges.
> It wouldn't take long before the big SUV's would get
> off the road.  If you want to use your 10 mpg SUV to
> run to the store to get a pack of cigarettes, you are
> free to do so.
> Suburbans and Excursions do have a use.  My brother
> has owned the biggest Suburban he can get to pull a
> loaded 4 horse trailer.  Great use.
> Dave Johnson

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