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FW: Happy Christmas

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Subject: FW: Happy Christmas
From: Shaun Laughy <tigerv8@shaw.ca>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:53:37 -0800
The problem that Tom is speaking of is generally caused by the convenience
feature, in modern email programs, that allows you  to preview the message
just my clicking on it once (the message contents are generally displayed in
the window below the message list) but the email isn't actually opened.  The
process of previewing it is basically the same as opening it, though, so the
virus is activated (in some cases).

Really, the only sensible and responsible form of action to take is to use a
current anti-virus program.  Most modern AV applications also contain an
email filter so that all emails are checked upon receipt and BEFORE sending
outgoing.  This allows another opportunity to stop distribution even if a
virus does find it's way onto your machine.  Even if the outgoing scan
doesn't see the virus, the windows popping up to announce the outgoing mail
scan is so obvious that you certainly won't miss a large number of messages
being sent out to everyone in you address book!

Personally, I prefer Norton AntiVirus (get 2002, as 2001 won't work on XP or
newer), but others have a lot of faith in McAfee.  There are also some free
ones online that you can download, but I don't have any experienc with
those.  Regardless of what you choose, make sure that you update frequently.


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   Just a word of warning. For 5 years I have not run any anti virus
I simply deleted anything that looked suspicious and never had a problem.
Well..... until the other day. All I did was right-click on the obvious
containing email to bring up the "delete" prompt and it launched itself.
became immediately noticible by the fact that my modem lights went full
    I promptly shut down, put the drive in another computer as an auxilary,
got online and scanned the drive (free online scan) and removed the virus. I
also had to reloaded software in the programs where the virus attached
(it was found in 8 files). Total time spent was about 4 hours. I made haste
purchase anti virus software and now find that I am receiving viruses 1-3 a
day. Some have told me you can't launch the virus by deleting it, but I will
contest that. When you least expect it, Expect It!

Tom Witt B9470101

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