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Re: FW: Racing Tigers/Alpines On TV?/RANT

To: davidadin@mercydurango.org
Subject: Re: FW: Racing Tigers/Alpines On TV?/RANT
From: Theo Smit <tsmit@shaw.ca>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 15:11:27 -0700
I don't think Bob or anyone is trying to downplay the significance of Tom's
achievements in the SCCA GT2 arena.What he IS saying, though,  is that you
should not infer that Tom's car is anywhere near a stock Tiger, and to call it "
just a 35 year old car with some improvements", to me, gives little recognition
of the thousands of hours Tom has spent in the last several decades, improving
his car over and over and over. I think you would find very little, stock or
otherwise, on his car that has not been "adjusted" specifically for the purpose
of lowering lap times.

The SCCA rules, as always, are not a fit subject for debate in a civilized
forum, but Tom has earned the respect of countless fans by voting with his right
foot and showing that against the odds and the wishes of some of the current
carmakers, the Tiger can be competitive.


DavidAdin@mercydurango.org wrote:

> Let's give old Tom a little credit.
> His Tiger, however wonderful it might be, is just a 35 year old unibody car
> with some improvements.
> It is not a tube framed purpose built racer (last I heard)


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