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Re: Water Temp. Problem

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Subject: Re: Water Temp. Problem
From: "P. R. Hulse" <phulse@gte.net>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 07:48:57 -0800

I have been watching this thread and it sounds to me if you discount the
temperature reading the car operates normally.   Cold on start up and normal
after warm up and in traffic.  So, check the temp sender unit when the car is
stone cold.  Disconnect the wire and using a meter check the resistance to
ground (the block) and if the meter reads zero or some small resistance
replace the sender as it should read open when cold.  IF that checks ok
meaning that it reads open or some high resistance then look for a short in
the sender wire that might be heat sensitive.

Philip "Commodore Blues" Hulse

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