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Re: Anyone have TBON?

To: Will Seay <wseay@ntelos.net>
Subject: Re: Anyone have TBON?
From: sosnaenergyconsulting <sosnaenergyconsulting@cox.net>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 17:11:21 -0800
Gee, I guess if I want to make a disgusting profit on my copy, I'd 
better sell it quick :-)
Best Regards
David (maybe I was a war profiteer in a past life) Sosna
PS On the other hand, maybe unmolested originals, even if unsigned, will 
still command higher prices than the  "alger" version (grin again).

Will Seay wrote:

> I agree too.  A reprint with an updated registry as an appendix would 
> be great.
> I suggest that we find a lister, with a good copy of TBON, who is 
> willing to lend it for copying,
> and make up a new edition with a printout of the registry attached.  
> The registry is currently
> being maintained electronically, so shouldn't be too much effort to 
> print it in an acceptable format.
> Obviously, we need Norm's permission to reprint TBON.  I also think 
> that all profits from this
> venture should go to Norm.  After all, this is his life's blood we 
> will be plagiarizing.
> What say you Norm?  What say you all?
> Will Seay - B382001570

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