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Re: Tigers Digest V1 #756

To: tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Tigers Digest V1 #756
From: Rollright@aol.com
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 17:55:14 EST
Hey there sports fans,

Few Listers?

Remember that in Northern climes, our cars are in storage,
and in addition, tonight it will be 5 degrees out. I did clean out the 
workshop area and have a few questions that came to light from 
this activity.

1)  anybody have the rebuild instructions for the brake slave?
       (I had it sleeved and got the kit from Rick at S/S but don't 
         seem to have the rebuild sheet)

2)  I've seen the color of the W/W bottle holder but anybody got
      a Krylon, Rustolium, Touch-Up spray color/number that will
       do the deed? The necessary sandblasting and welding to 
       get it in shape have eliminated any trace of orig. paint.

BTW Just rebuilt my original fuel pump (replaced with "SU pointless"
some 26 years ago) and IT is still going strong. Just wanted to have 
something that works hanging around and waiting for the N.O. (I guess).
 Fun though, and parts from Burlen in UK are pretty darn cheap. 

Well, that's it from Marblehead, MA, in the dead of winter.

Jim Armstrong
Mk1A #382002083

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