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RE: No brakes

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Subject: RE: No brakes
From: "Peter Stanisavljevich" <pete_stanisavljevich@coxtarget.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 13:19:41 -0500
I might add, change the brake fliud once a year. Despite the claims of
"LMA", brake fluid does absorb moisture.

Peter S. 

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        The first suspect is the brake booster; the 2nd is the rear
You need to do a complete brake check to find out where the fluid is

        It is a good practice to always do a safety check before driving
vintage car.   You should check the brakes by pumping them, check for
lights, pump the clutch pedal, check fluid levels, check the turn
driving lights and headlights.   If anything is not working or does not
right; fix it before driving.

         I also recommend you check the complete brake system at least
once per year and always before taking a long trip to a United or car
show; its
just good safety practice.   This is also a good practice for your daily
driver; I check the brakes on my daily driver twice per year usually in
the spring and fall.

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