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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Gee Wizz
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Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 22:25:49 -0700
I looked up some Sport Car Forum Tiger and Alpine results from 1965. At
Mid-Ohio in July, the Tiger was about 8 seconds per lap quicker than the
Alpine. At Bridgehampton the Tiger was about 15 seconds quicker per lap. The
cars ran in different groups but the times reflected their performance on
the same track, on the same day with the same timer (SCF President HJ
Meyer). Dan Carmichael drove the Alpine while Don Sesslar drove the Tiger.

Buck Trippel

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> Masters Field Miami Florida.  I was a Mustang aficionado and was watching
> them but had friends that were into Alpines and were excited that Tigers
> were around.  This would have been late 65. I have no idea who conducted 
> the
> races or what the rules were.  Since you are familiar with SCCA 
> competition,
> how did the Tigers times compare with the Alpines?  -- Bill --
> ---- William Lau <mrlau@charter.net> wrote:
>> Jeff,
>>     This is from experience watching road racing in the 60's.  The Tigers
>> almost always got beaten by the Alpines unless there was an extremely 
>> long
>> straightaway.
> Bill:
> I'm quite surprised that you saw Tigers and Alpines racing together on the
> same track at the same time.  Assuming you are talking about SCCA road
> races, the cars ran in vastly different classes; Tigers in BP (later in 
> CP)
> and Alpines predominantly in FP.  Those two classes should have never been
> on the same track at the same time.  Maybe you are speaking of comparing 
> lap
> times rather than wheel-to-wheel competition??  Just out of curiosity, on
> which tracks did you see this take place?
> Andy Walker
> Edmond, OK
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