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Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 15:33:05 -0400
John, I too can vouch for the Centerforce II clutch system. It was the
only clutch that held up in my tweaked, over-boosted SVO Mustang, and
the pedal effort was significantly reduced.

Another thing to consider is changing the lever ratio between the clutch
pedal and the throw-out lever. You can do this by:
1. Find a spare clutch pedal, cut it off just below the pivot, then weld
the two pieces back together with a piece of bar stock in-between,
lengthening the pedal. You will have to determine how much length you
and the car can handle (no snide comments, please!). Even adding just an
inch will reduce the pedal effort by 10% or so. It's awkward at first,
but you get used to the new clutch pedal placement quickly. Make sure
you have enough travel.

2. Go a bit smaller in diameter in your clutch master by having one
sleeved down. Someone on the list may know of a smaller MC that you can

3. Use a slightly larger diameter slave cylinder. Again, check to make
sure there is enough travel to disengage the clutch.

4. There are several internal hydraulic slave cylinders available with
different effective volumes, McLead comes to mind. Of course, if you are
going this far, you might as well just change out the clutch/PP to a


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The last owner of my Tiger installed a McLeod clutch and pressure plate.
The clutch pedal is hard to depress and is killing my bad left knee.
Does anyone have any suggestions to eliminate the hard pedal besides
replacing the clutch and pressure plate? This Tiger has a 1968 302ci.
with a MK2 Wide ratio top loader.

Thank you,
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