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Re: [Tigers] Tiger MK II Investment Bargain

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Tiger MK II Investment Bargain
From: "Thomas Witt" <atwittsend@verizon.net>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2009 19:50:40 -0800
Yes, with an Ebay it only counts - at the very end.  Because of that it is 
best to think of it as a silent auction (even though it is not). You have to 
think of the other 6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds... as 
"advertising."   Sorry to say if your price was high enough you would have 
beaten a "sniper." For he (she) too has a limit.  The sniper could have bid 
$25,000 at the LAST (milli) second and if you had placed a $25,100 bid at 
the very BEGINNING of the auction you would have beaten them.

   The whole purpose of sniping is to have a last second (one chance) 
auction. With sniping services it is probably milliseconds.  The sniper is 
"gambling" that their last bid (before others can re-bid) will be the 
highest. The concept attempts to prevent a bidding war.  It is a tactic that 
is intended to keep the cost down. As I said above, if every bidder was on a 
sniping service it would be like a silent auction.

  The sad thing in your case (and mine too many times than I care to say) is 
that you are lulled into believing that your bid won't be topped.  Remember, 
in the end, regardless of when you place a bid, it is the high bidder that 
wins. I feel your pain and have experienced the disappointment.  In the end 
I just had to realize someone was willing to pay more that I regardless of 
how late their bid arrived.  While it appears they "steal" the item out from 
under you time wise, in the end they were just willing to pay more money.

Tom Witt

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