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[Tigers] trailering ideas for SUNI

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Subject: [Tigers] trailering ideas for SUNI
From: "Tiger Man" <Tigerman67@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 10:10:37 -0700
Hey there,

I thought I would see if anyone has any good recommendations for trailering to
SUNI.  I only live about 500 miles away, but due to an oil leak, I don't feel
real comfortable driving all the way there and back, plus the driving while

Anyone have any recommendations for trailering.  Is it easiest to just rent a
car trailer from uhaul for a 'local' rental for a week, and will they do

I would think that for the people that live on the two coasts, that getting
together and seeing if you can rent a complete auto trailer from one of the
big auto shipping firms might be attractive and inexpensive way to get your
cars to Rapid city, but I think with only living 500 miles away, I can
probably just trailer myself, if I can find a trailer.

Anyway, just wanted to ping the group and see if they had any brilliant ideas
on where to get a trailer for a week.

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