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Re: [Tigers] trailering ideas for SUNI

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] trailering ideas for SUNI
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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 12:55:59 -0500
        An oil leak is usually very fixable especially with 4 months lead

As for the trailer; talk to your local rental place about options for this
trip.   You can probably trailer there and drop off the trailer at a Rapid
City office and reserve one or the same trailer for the return trip and save
some dollars.   That way you are not responsible for storing or parking the
trailer unattended.

Ron Fraser

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Subject: [Tigers] trailering ideas for SUNI

Hey there,

I thought I would see if anyone has any good recommendations for trailering
to SUNI.  I only live about 500 miles away, but due to an oil leak, I don't
feel real comfortable driving all the way there and back, plus the driving
while there.

Anyone have any recommendations for trailering.  Is it easiest to just rent
a car trailer from uhaul for a 'local' rental for a week, and will they do

I would think that for the people that live on the two coasts, that getting
together and seeing if you can rent a complete auto trailer from one of the
big auto shipping firms might be attractive and inexpensive way to get your
cars to Rapid city, but I think with only living 500 miles away, I can
probably just trailer myself, if I can find a trailer.

Anyway, just wanted to ping the group and see if they had any brilliant
ideas on where to get a trailer for a week.

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